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The Source Of The Package Has A Story Behind It
Jun 14, 2017

Why does packing need packing story? No story of the packaging is empty, is an empty shell, is a vessel, it can only be used as disposable supplies to use, then discarded! But if the a story tote bag, you can feel from the handbag on the company's brand power delivered, then it has a life, it will be a connotation of the handbag, it will become something worth treasuring. Like Maivo said before: packaging is not a job, but a career! Do packaging is not to do a bag, but in the design of a products, it takes painstaking effort to design, to spend time looking for raw materials, so that every handbag will have a soul! The handbag, with the story, is no longer a simple bag; with the story of the handbag, he will spread the story to every corner, with the story of the handbag, he really became a qualified packaging!