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Kraft Paper Bag Printing What To Pay Attention To
Jun 14, 2017

In the process of Kraft paper bag printing in order to make color reproduction has a better effect, in fact, than with the SBS printing has greater difficulty. Especially on the ordinary Kraft Paper board to achieve accurate color reproduction, than on the bleached Kraft sheet printing needs more careful. Because Kraft paper bag itself ordinary kraft paper color is dark brown, printing ink effect and in bleaching paper on the effect of printing is very different. Therefore the use of ink needs to be bright color, the use of color to be more eye-catching, so that the printing of Kraft paper bag effect is better, light and soft color is difficult to achieve the required ink density, opacity and wear resistance and other expected effects. In addition, if necessary, in the Kraft paper bag printing inks with one points white, it will be conducive to achieve the desired soft tone or tint, which is very useful for the reproduction of soft color and tint. With the growing maturity of Kraft paper bag printing technology, manufacturers will use UV inks, effectively improve the printing color effect. At present, almost all of the ink manufacturers have developed for the primary color paperboard ink, many ink manufacturers also developed in Kraft paper printing inks. Therefore, in determining the best solution to the work before the ink manufacturer to consult, according to the Kraft paper bag manufacturer printing needs to choose different formula inks, reference ink manufacturers to provide ink chromatography and ink on different paper printing effect, finally determine their own choice of the best ink.