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How To Make Clothing Tote Bag And Understand
Jun 14, 2017

According to different handle, digging hole, back cover way and material can be divided into many kinds of paper bags have openings seam bottom bag, open bonded corner bottom bag, valve-type sewing bag, valve-type flat hexagon bottom bonding bag perforated rope, hole-free rope (divided into no mouth fold and standard has a mouth fold type), cordless bag body digging hole handle, the tongue mouth does not punch. Special paper bag, white cardboard paper bag, coated paper bag, kraft paper bag, and so on. You can according to your own needs, the design of the paper bag is the key to the whole process of paper bag production. Most paper bags are the extension of corporate image and advertising strategy, so the choice of materials, decorative technology and performance of the form of paper bags and the use of the effect is inseparable, people tend to prefer the hand-bag technology on the big brains. Bronzing, UV, glazing, colorful, concave-convex and flocking technology, such as flexible use also makes paper bag color crisp, three-dimensional enhanced, more expressive. Of course, no matter what kind of finishing process. Let people like this item better.