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How To Choose Self-adhesive, How To Choose Self-adhesive
Jun 14, 2017

Self-adhesive to convenient, durable and other characteristics are widely used in food, daily necessities, household appliances, stationery, clothing, medicine, cosmetics and other industries. At present, the global self-adhesive printing methods have 5 kinds, respectively, Offsctdruckereien, Flexo printing, convex printing, gravure printing, screen printing. Various types of printing are distributed globally, and they have their own advantages. So what kind of printing is good? What is the best way to do this? Way one: Offsctdruckereien. China's domestic self-adhesive printing plant in this way mostly. It is characterized by a lithographic printing, clear text, printing plate making simple and rapid, suitable for high-volume printing. Mode two: Flexo printing. To the United States as the representative of the European and American countries, self-adhesive printing factory to Flexo printing. It is characterized by simple machine structure, low cost, high production efficiency, advanced technology, printing quality can be compared with Offsctdruckereien, gravure printing, and has the advantages of thick ink than Offsctdruckereien products, the use of water-based inks and UV inks, pollution-friendly environment. Mode three: Convex printing. Japan-oriented Asia-Pacific countries self-adhesive Printing factory to letterpress printing. Letterpress printing all use UV ink, volume to volume printing and single sheet printing mode, its characteristics are inexpensive, quality and stability. Because of the high proportion of manual labeling, single sheet printing is widely used.