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How Kraft Paper Is Used
Jun 14, 2017

Now many enterprises have to use Kraft paper bags custom-made handbags, but in the determination of papers, you can print or bronzing, but many enterprises on the film coating process is silly. Covering the film is divided into two kinds of bright film and matte film, two different processes show different effects, can only be brought to the merchant two different coated paper bag to let merchants feel the difference. Bright film and dumb film are in Kraft paper bag production on the surface of the sheet with a layer of film, can be bright, can also be frosted, coated paper bag can be better waterproof, moistureproof, but more than a process cost is higher. The difference between the matte film and the bright film is that it looks from the surface of the paper bag, bright film is reflective, matte film will not, in Kraft paper bag manufacturers can choose to cover the film and do not cover the film, The choice of matte film or bright film, the price is not any difference, mainly the effect of the presentation is different.