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How Are Paper Bags Made?
Jun 14, 2017

In the environmental awareness of paper bags more and more high environment, but for some enterprises before using plastic handbags, want to change into paper bag customers, do not know how to use paper bags to convey enterprise information, how to design a of their own paper bag. Hangzhou Warp Xiao Bian to tell you, a soul of the paper bag is how to produce it? The basic flow of the production of portable paper bags is as follows: first understand the customer needs, and then by the professional designers to arrange the Seihan-by the customer to determine the design draft and then out of the film-Customers buy paper-printing-laminating-die-cutting (indentation)-paste bag-perforated-wear rope-packaging; In the middle according to the requirements of different, may also have some bronzing, bump, embossing, steam eye and other processes.