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Why packaging industry like to use Kraft paper packaging products
Jun 14, 2017

Earlier in the packaging industry, Kraft paper is only used for some simple packaging, and exquisite goods are used in wooden boxes, iron boxes, etc. to packaging, and these years, more and more exquisite products have begun to use Kraft paper packaging, kraft paper is widely used in gift box. The author analysis, Kraft paper in the packaging industry so hot reasons there are three: 1. The fashion change, the market needs of packaging style is also changing, Kraft paper simple packaging style is loved by everyone. 2. Social factors: environmental protection, energy saving and other factors, Kraft paper environmental characteristics are valued by the market. 3. Kraft paper High plasticity: The unique color of Kraft paper can be combined with a unique design to create a very creative work, or only through a slight printing to produce simple and generous packaging. Very high plasticity, so that Kraft paper widely adapted to various types of packaging.