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The historical evolution of Kraft paper bag
Jun 14, 2017

Early in the 19th century, where the large retail industry had not yet been born, people usually procured all their daily items in a grocery store near work or residence. It is a headache to sell the groceries to the consumers after they are packed in casks, cloth bags or wooden boxes, and sold to the grocery store in bulk. People go shopping with baskets or homemade linen bags. At that time, the paper was still jute fiber and old linen head, poor quality and the number of rare, even can not meet the needs of newspaper printing. Around 1844, the German Friedrich Koller invented pulp and paper, greatly promoting the development of the paper industry, but also indirectly spawned the history of the first commercial paper bag. In the 1852, the American botanist Francis Waller invented the first paper bag maker, which was subsequently extended to European countries such as France and Britain. Later, the birth of plywood paper bags and the progress of paper bag stitching technology made it possible to replace cotton bags used in bulk shipments.