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The future of food packaging--paper packaging will replace plastic packaging
Jun 14, 2017

Plastic waste is called white pollution, which has great harm to land and plantation. Plastic packaging is ubiquitous in our lives, especially in "eating". Data show that: in China, the proportion of plastic used in food packaging accounted for 1/4 of total output, you can imagine how much plastic waste we produce in our daily life. But now the idea of green consumption has become the mainstream trend of thought, the search for alternatives to white pollution is also of concern to people. The main ingredient of the paper is natural plant cellulose, more easily by the soil microbial decomposition, is the perfect substitute for plastic packaging. Kraft paper bags For example, in addition to the more exquisite appearance, it is more durable than plastic packaging, and can be recycled many times, more in line with the modern life of green environmental protection. Sustainable recycling of paper packaging will also be in the future to replace the plastic packaging industry leader.