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The development foreground of Kraft paper bag
Jun 14, 2017

The advent of Kraft paper bags has changed the traditional thinking that people's purchases can only be limited by the number of items their hands can carry, and that consumers are no longer worried about being unable to take down the enjoyable experience of shopping. If the emergence of kraft paper bags has boosted the retail industry, it may have been exaggerated, but it has at least revealed to marketers that you can't predict how much consumers will buy until their shopping experience becomes as comfortable, relaxing and convenient as possible. This is also the point, which has aroused the attention of the later consumer shopping experience, but also promoted the development of supermarket shopping baskets and shopping carts later. After more than half a century, the development of Kraft paper shopping bag is a downwind, the improvement of the material to enhance its load-bearing capacity, the appearance has become increasingly exquisite, manufacturers will be a variety of trademarks, patterns printed in kraft paper bags, into the streets of shops. Until the middle of 20th century, the advent of plastic shopping bags has become a big revolution in the history of shopping bags. It eclipsed the once-beautiful kraft paper bag with the advantage of thinner, firmer and cheaper manufacturing costs.

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