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Kraft paper belongs to environmental protection packaging material which kind
Jun 14, 2017

What kinds of eco-friendly packaging materials are available in addition to Kraft paper? In general can be divided into: "Reusable and recycled packaging materials", "edible packaging Materials", "degradable materials" and "paper materials" four categories. First of all, we repeat re-use and recycled packaging materials, re-use of packaging materials mainly refers to packaging beer, beverages and other liquid bottles packaging, recycled packaging materials mainly refers to plastic packaging materials. Edible packaging materials are packaged materials that can be eaten with food, such as ice cream, milk tea packaging cups and so on. Degradable Green packaging material refers to degradable plastic packaging. This kind of plastic can degrade and restore itself in nature, and it will not pollute the environment. Paper material refers to the paper packaging materials, paper itself is made of natural plant fiber, especially Kraft, its recycling value is very high, technology is also very mature, paper packaging industry is the first choice.