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How to distinguish the hand bag from the open bag
Jun 14, 2017

Now the brand shop, are advocating the use of paper bags, because the paper bag is convenient, environmental protection, but also to improve the grade, and looks very beautiful. The following Maivo teaches you how to tell the difference between a handbag and an open bag: A simple point: the outside of the bag, that is, the whole piece of paper in two, that is, half the paper can be pasted into a handbag, a whole piece of paper can be pasted into two of handbags, such a handbag is called the outside hand bag. The outside tote bag is generally divided into the positive hand bag, the Big Folio tote bag, the most common is the positive folio hand bag, the common size is: 300 wide Simo 400 high Sinter 80 wall (unit, MM). Full-open tote bag, is a whole piece of paper can only paste a handbag. (Of course, is not a whole piece of paper all used, there is also the cost of material) open bag size is not fixed, more in large clothing items or gifts outside the packaging.

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