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A brief talk on the difference between white Kraft paper and double glue
Jun 14, 2017

Mainly in these four aspects: Whiteness: White kraft paper in the product packaging, in the printing of the requirements of aesthetic effect, the white paper may have a high demand, white Kraft paper with white and super white points; and the two-gum is mainly used for printing, in human eye vision, eye health protection considerations, the whiteness of the two-piece paper is not too high. Performance: As the packaging with Kraft paper, Kraft paper of the stiffness, tensile strength, toughness and other technical indicators are very high, and as a cultural use, as long as the pursuit of the printing effect, the main paper smoothness requirements, the paper physical factors no special requirements. Location: White kraft paper is mainly used for packaging products, the production of packaging boxes, packaging bags used, is a of the packaging papers, belonging to industrial paper, and double adhesive paper is mainly used for printing, is a printing paper, belonging to the typical cultural paper. Price: The price of white Kraft paper is much more expensive than that of double plastic.